Burswood Park

The Burswood Peninsula is one of Perth’s favourite family-friendly venues with an exciting calendar of activities – from community gatherings to some of WA’s largest sporting and major cultural events.

In 1829, settler, Henry Camfield, arrived at the Swan River colony from the United Kingdom with his two indentured servants and their families. He was granted 1,000 acres of mudflat wetlands – naming it ‘Burrswood’ after his family home in Kent. This area was known to Noongar as Matagarup.

The mudflats were heavily manipulated over the years until they became unrecognisable to what they were in pre-colonial days. In 1895, Perths first golf course opened, along with a horse track.

In 1921, the WA Cement Company opened on the site, dredging shells from the river as a lime source. At the same time, the area became a major rubbish tip which operated until 1972 when it closed – and began to make way for a resort casino and golf course.

Since the opening of Perth Stadium, Burswood Park is being reimagined as a 56 hectare park with gardens, events, trails and family activities.

Plan your day at Zip+Climb around the activities taking place in the greater parklands.




For a full detailed history of the site from the Museum of Perth, click HERE.