About Zip+Climb Project

Zip+Climb is a family adventure precinct on the Burswood Peninsula – located on and around the Matagarup Bridge. Matagarup is the name of the land at the eastern end of Perth where the Swan River once became very shallow at times, and provided the only way across the Derbal Yerrigan for miles and miles for Noongar folks.

The waters in this area are now easier to cross by foot on the iconic Matagarup Bridge. We nod to the traditional owners of this country – this is good country. If you wish to know more about the area and the traditional owners, we recommend these resources.

The bridge was not originally built for people to climb. Take a 314-step trek up the bridge’s main arch, ascending 72 metres to the ‘skyview’ platform. The average gradient of the climb is 45 degrees and to reach the top, you will be required to climb, crawl, shimmy and squeeze through some very tight spaces. You will be accessing the bridge by the same route used for technical access. For this reason, to access the bridge in any capacity, you must adhere to our strict safety conditions.

Zip+Climb is a proud Westralian business and will be expanding its offerings in early 2024 with the addition of  an 18 hole mini-golf course, plus a licensed cafe providing a reasonably priced menu.

Perth Bridge Climb and Zip Pty Ltd t/a Matagarup Zip+Climb and Zip+Climb Perth. ABN 96 642 218 406

The team

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Sam spent 8 years as an Army Special Operations Engineer, then he travelled the world and became a European tour guide followed by operations manager of sailing tours around Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

He’s proud to adapt his skills and experiences to Zip+Climb to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our guests.

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Mel is an experienced rock climber with a strong focus on safety, making her a great support on the Zip+Climb, so that you can focus on having a great experience.

Born in Africa, travelling between Zimbabwe and South Africa for a few years before moving to Perth many years ago, Mel enjoys travelling, camping, climbing and adventure!

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Zip line Bridge Climb Perth things to do


Combining 15 years’ experience in travel and tourism with her passion for adventure, Jen is here to make sure you have an incredible and unforgettable Zip+Climb experience.

While travelling, Jen first discovered the awesomeness of ziplining. Immediately hooked, she’s continued to zipline all around the world and is excited to be able to experience it right here in Perth city! Hands down the most caffeinated team member and loves a good fancy dress party.



Eleanor spent many years travelling, cooking and tour guiding around Europe and is now dishing up the adventures in Perth!

A lover of craft projects, terrible puns and even worse karaoke, Eleanor is also very passionate about history and storytelling and can’t wait to have a yarn with you on the bridge!


Scott’s lust for adventure began as a kid growing up on a farm and exploring WA on weekends and holidays, which he still continues to do. After 9 yrs exploring the country with the Australian Army, he returned to Perth and currently works as a Firefighter with a specialty for rope and vertical rescue.

When not at work you’ll find him exploring new locations to rock climbing or canyoning and generally seeking that next adventure either locally or abroad (when permitted to). Those skills and experience will ensure you’re always in safe hands!

Zip line Bridge Climb Perth things to do


With a background in tourism, planning and environment management, Ryan enjoys mashing all of those elements together for Zip+Climb.

He loves climbing all over the bridge and zipping down the line – but he prefers to call the zipline a flying fox!

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