Frequently Asked Questions

Bridge Climb (90min)                    Walk up and over Skyview Platform (No zipline), walk down

Express Zip(90 min)                      Walk half way up the bridge, zipline down

Zip+Climb (120 min)                      Walk up and over the glass floor Sky View platform, then clip onto the 400m zipline


What are the height / weight / age / fitness requirements?
Min: Height – 122cm   | Weight – 30kg    | Age – 8yrs
Max: Height – 220cm  | Weight – 120kg  | Age – 74yrs (70-74 with medical approval)

70 – 74 year olds MUST complete this health/fitness assessment with their usual healthcare provider preferably prior to booking. Medical Declaration


Must be able to climb 45-degree angles
Must be able to climb up 314 steps
Must be able to manoeuvre body under low beams

If you have any doubts about your fitness level, we suggest booking the Express Zip tour, as it is a more manageable option.


Parental supervision required: 

8-15yrs  – 1 adult MUST be booked with maximum 2 children 
Parents/guardians are responsible for the behaviour of their children at all times. When considering whether the activity will be right for your child, please consider their maturity, ability to follow instructions and ability to adhere to safety protocols.


Must be able to climb 45-degree angles
Must be able to climb up 314 steps
Must be able to manoeuvre body under low beams


Activities are offered all year round and proceed in all weather. Perth is subject to a range of weather conditions, and you are urged to dress appropriately for the forecast weather conditions.

RAIN: Yes – activities will be conducted in the rain. Wet weather gear is NOT provided; ponchos are available for purchase on the day for $5.

In the case of extreme weather conditions like electrical storms or during times of extremely high winds in the immediate vicinity,  your activity may be postponed at our discretion.

HEAT: Ensure you eat a good meal prior to your climb and are well hydrated. We recommend light long-sleeved shirts on the very hot days. Wear sunscreen. In the case of extreme heat, your activity may be postponed.

+ 10 days – no date change fee, full refund

2-10 days – $20 per person date change fee or 50% refund

24-48 hrs – $40 per person date change fee; no refund

Within 24 hours of your activity – forfeiture of booking

Credit Card charge / Booking fees will not be refunded.

From time to time, Zip+Climb may be required to cancel activities for a variety of reasons. A full refund will be provided in these circumstances, or rescheduled free of charge.

Gift certificates are non-refundable.

To change or cancel an existing booking, click HERE.

Any amendments will be in accordance with our  T&C’s.




SHIRTS / TOPS  / JACKETS Just as shorts can ride up while climbing, shirts may ride up or get bunched beneath your harness, leaving you uncomfortable.

A Shirt that is long enough to tuck into your pants or one that is fitted enough that it won’t ride up is a good choice. No exposed stomachs as the harness will rub significantly.

Consider long sleeves for protection from the sun and wind. At the top of the bridge, it is considerably windier and can be chilly on cool days. Pick clothing that is comfortable and weather appropriate. Rain jackets and overalls are not provided.


When you’re first deciding what to wear, pants will likely be the first thing that you’ll think about. It’s also one of the most important decisions you’ll make, because choosing the right ones can be the difference between a fun Zip+Climb, and a very uncomfortable one.

The harness that you’ll wear when bridge climbing or ziplining goes under your legs, around your thighs and waist and over your shoulders.

Shorts that are too short may ride up when your harness is tightened, or when you’re zipping down the line. While this won’t put you in any risk, it can be uncomfortable. Instead, opt for shorts that reach to knee length or slightly above, or play it safe with long pants, capris or leggings.


Enclosed, rubber sole shoes are required to climb the bridge for safety as well as enjoyment. Your feet will have a workout and there are lots of places where you might kick your toe.

Additionally, make sure that your shoes are tied or cinched on tight so that they won’t fall off when you’re zipping down the line. Without proper footwear, you may not be allowed on the bridge.


If you have longer hair, please ensure it is secured in a low pony tail at the nape of the neck to ensure that the helmet fits correctly.

Hats cannot be worn under the helmet for safety reasons.

No. For strict safety reasons, guests are not permitted to bring any items up the bridge. Your ticket includes FREE souvenir photos of your experience emailed to you directly after your experience.

Instructions on how to redeem a gift certificate available HERE

If you want to upgrade an existing gift certificate, contact us HERE

The Companion Card WA is welcomed for the purpose of aiding Western Australians with a significant and permanent disability who require attendant care support on our tours.

We will issue the cardholder with a second ticket for their companion at no charge.

Companion Card WA | National Disability Services (wacompanioncard.org.au)



Please follow the steps below to make your Companion Card booking.


Step 1 – please download our Medical Declaration and ensure it is evaluated and approved by your regular healthcare provider.

Medical-Declaration-2023-V1.pdf (zipclimb.com.au)

Step 2 – Email the approved Medical Declaration to bookings@zipclimb.com.au along with:

  • The tour you wish to do – Express Zip, Zip+Climb or Bridge Climb.
  • The date and time of the tour (please check our availability prior to emailing)
  • A scanned copy of your companion card
  • First Name, Last Name and Age of all participants
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Details pertaining to your disability, as well as any relevant details that can facilitate a seamless process.

Step 3 – We will create the booking and call to collect payment from you over the phone by debit/credit card. Once payment has been completed, you will receive your booking confirmation and pre-arrival waiver via email.

Please be aware that you will be required to wear a standard helmet when climbing the bridge. Any cultural head coverings will need to be able to fit underneath the helmet. If you are unsure if your head covering will fit, we recommend you bring an alternative head covering just in case. We have private changing rooms where you can discreetly change.

Medium level of fitness required. The climb is very steep and physically demanding. Please consider your personal fitness levels when deciding.

Matagarup Zip+Climb asks participants to carefully consider their own health and fitness levels and engage with our team to confirm your ability to participate. Our number one priority is your health and safety. The following conditions may impact a participant’s ability to take part in an activity and therefore require consideration and disclosure with our team prior to arrival (ph: 6166 0116)

  • Pregnancy (20 weeks and under).
    Limb absence or limb difference or prosthesis
    Aged between 70-74 (inclusive). See below.
    Heart conditions (including high or low blood pressure)
    Vertigo, dizziness, or loss of balance
    All respiratory conditions
    Surgery, from which you are still recovering
    Injuries or conditions impacting climbing and walking ability • Injuries or conditions affecting hand, wrist, and arm strength • Epilepsy / seizures / fainting
    Allergies (EpiPen required)
    Chronic illness
    Brain, spinal or nervous system disorder
    A neurodevelopmental condition
    Vision impairment
    Hearing impairment

More information can be found on our GP Fitness Test Form / Medical Declaration form.

We do not recommend the experiences for pregnancies over 21 weeks, however, exceptions may be provided with an accompanied medical certificate.

Yes, the min requirements are for safety but equally enjoyment. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to participate but personally vary from the recommendations above.

Yes – backpack size lockers are available FREE of charge to store your valuables.

For safety and security reasons, no loose items may be taken up the bridge – including wallets, devices. FREE lockers are provided.

You will be provided with a FREE strap for sunglasses and spectacles. Souvenir sunglass straps are available for purchase.

Yes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Yes. You may be required to pass a test immediately prior to your experience.

We want everyone to be safe and reserve the right to breath test our climbers.  Please be responsible with your alcohol consumption otherwise you may not be allowed to climb and no refund will be offered. Maximum 0.05% .

Yes. All participants on bridge activities will be required to complete a waiver prior to commencement of activity.

Please contact us should you wish to have a copy of the waiver prior to booking.

P: 6166 0116

E: info@zipclimb.com.au