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Zip line Bridge Climb Perth things to do

Express Zip (90min)


Zip Lines gift certificates can now be purchased.

Zip Lines gift certificates can now be purchased although the zip line is not quite ready for riding. We saw an opportunity to improve the ride and decided to delay the opening slightly, ultimately providing for a better overall experience. WorkSafe will then need time to ensure the zip-line is 100% certified.

Our goal is for riders to be wizzing down the line in March. Gift Certificates can be redeemed at that time. Apologies for the delay – we appreciate your understanding.


Zip-Line off the iconic Matagarup Bridge

Are you brave enough to take on Perth’s newest and longest zipline? Feel the rush of adrenaline as you step off the platform and accelerate like a rocket over the Swan River, flying 400 metres at up to 75km/hour! 

On arrival, check-in at Zip+Climb HQ to undertake a safety induction and get prepared for your challenge. You will be fitted with a harness, helmet and a bridge latch device with tether to ensure your safety at all times. You will also be provided with your zipline trolley, which will be harnessed to your back for your trek up the bridge (approx. weight 600 grams). 

You will be guided to the bridge and escorted to an access gate and then ascend 150 steps up the western arch of the bridge at a 45-degree angle to the launch platform – 35 metres above the Swan River. Your guide will entertain you with interesting stories of the Swan River area as you are ascending the bridge.

Your guide will then safely prepare you for launch, double checking all equipment, and when you are ready, take off and feel the thrill as you soar through the sky at up to 20 metres per second!


You will be brought in for a safe landing on the eastern banks of the Swan River via our state-of-the-art braking systems. Once you return to the bridge, you will be escorted back to HQ to return your gear and receive your FREE photos and video of your amazing experience.

Pre Tour

  • Safety brief
  • Kitting up and familiarisation of climbing equipment (harness, helmet, fall arrest system etc)


  • Local history and tour commentary
  • Trek up the eastern wishbone of the Matagarup Bridge
  • Ascend to the launch platform
  • 400 meter zip-line ride

Post Tour

  • FREE photos of the tour
  • Memories for a lifetime


  • Min 10yo (Parental supervision for all 10yo-15yo)
  • Max 75yo  (over 75 with medical consent)


  • Min  120cm (4ft)
  • Max 210cm (7ft)


  • Must be able to climb 45 degree angles
  • Must be able to climb up 314 steps 
  • Must be able to squeeze through 35 cm spaces
  • Must be able to manoeuvre body under low beams
  • Max weight 120 kg (harness limit)
  • Min weight 40 kg


  • Medium level required. The climb is very steep and physically demanding. Please consider your personal fitness levels when deciding. Not recommended for the those with epilepsy, vertigo, recovering from surgery, respiratory issues and other health conditions. Refer Digital Waiver.


  • We do not recommend the experiences for pregnancies over 21 weeks, however exceptions may be provided with an accompanied medical certificate.


  • The min requirements are for safety but equally enjoyment. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to participate but personally vary from the recommendations above.

Blood Alcohol

Alcohol Policy: We want everyone to be safe and reserve the right to breath test our zipliners. A little is OK, but anything more and you won’t be allowed to climb and no refund will be offered.

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  • All participants are required to compete a waiver prior to their experience. Check our T&C’s.